Sunday, 20 December 2015


Have a cup of tea for two.
Don't forget to,
Shudder with words till the venue.
you may know then how important it is to welcome yourself home.
Let me say it again...
Asked to you believe it to be not true.
How much beautiful it is to spend some summers with you.
Yes you; 
my double chinned, 
dove eyed beauty.
When ever you look in that mirror, 
I always forget that it's my duty.
To believe you,
The beautiful you.
The voluptuous you.
The sulky sore,
oh so always forgotten you.
For you may only realise then,
It's never the same sunny day.
The silver lines also have their part to play.
Let's move back in time;
When your mouth was sour and
While cheeks were sublime.
The day...
you ran home and slept with a pillow dried.
I was there with you,
Standing by your side.
That was the time for you to know,
Oh dear, Pumpkin.
My dear munch-kin,
Say hello...
Hello again to the Halloween
It was your lover under the grey sky.
It never made your hollow shell dry.
It was for always, 
an unspoken promise by your bedside.
A culture that made you believe,
Nothing is beautiful but, 
My knight with a corroded armour,
Take that sword out;
And make the realms believe that too.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Poor Child.

Let me tell you,
The divine that you hide.
For which is not,
In those skies far above.
For it was;
Has always been;
Within the voices unheard.
Yes dear,
Those four chambers.
Those tamer of sorts.
Who always, 
While you,
Yes mister,
Never mind.
If you,
Lurk being sinister.
What that has been hidden,
Shall find its way back.
No matter,
What happens
You'll find
Your track.
Be your savvy.
You love it enough
To marry.
Don't you ever think,
It'd be a crime.
To live your dream,
While others let it sublime.
For what has always been,
With you.
Is the treasure you confide.
Open your arms,
For once.
And close your eyes, awhile.
For I may,
Take a picture.
A fool reads.
And I, 
Capture his smile.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

And Then

When you just cannot sleep
Your strings
Hold on
Your dreams
For what all they may promise
Shall be a fa├žade
For nothing in this world 
Has a fixed date
from the cycle of birth 
beyond the wheel of death 
Let me find you a place
Where you'll find 
Heaven and hell
Fasten your strings
As much as you can
You may not
Hold on the things
As per the plan
Take a sip of that coffee
That you always lured
mind you
It's the same 
Topping that you
Wanted to hold
Hold on for the time
Serve you the platter
You ask me 
What's the matter
Never has been such day
When sky was so blue
Ever looked behind the ocean
Him tell you
Who's who?
Just don't ask me
What did you 
Just do
I've always been
Folded blind
Walk along you

Friday, 19 June 2015


In his eyes.
Of Ruby's demise.
Had the same colour.
From the splatter,
Of rose's first dew.
Till the down-town's,
blistering view.
Them eyes,
Saw them all.
After all,
who dare would propel
 a freak?
They said.
The only word,
He never read.
Who knew,
Being smart,
Always got along a price pay.
It never was easy,
For a wing or two.
To take a leap,
And roar back at you.
Unknown as it was;
For the last flight?
To leap all odds,
Let, evens burn by side.
Who knew?
It was all a price play.
To let,
The page turn blue.
Dare you!
It was the same bird,
Known to me and you.
Turn the page,
Write a word or two,
Remember those years;
Which you both went through.
Who cared, then?
Who cares, now?
For the one,
Who always donned crown.
It never mattered, then.
It matters,
It never was a bird in cage.
The one,
Along whom;
I walked around. 

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Upon a star.
Take the legacy afar.
Shine bright like a diamond,
So much, that it mystify,
Even the stars.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Oh Helios!

My pen is infinite in every direction.
I don't need days to validate its presence.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A traveler in his solitary dame.

Travelling through the sailing tales.
Bluesy waves make a cut to north.
Wild tides gushing to mark their worth.
Thunders and their majestic wonders,
Lightens up the heaven and hell.
Probing the sea,
to open up the mystic spell.
By the bravest heart,
It can be done,
By the bravest heart,
can it be undone.
Calling the brave hearts,
In its heart's abode.
The bluesy blunt,
backlashes to its crunch code.
Bravest of brave, 
came and left.
The Bravest of all,
committed the the unnamed theft.
'Pearl of purfled purity' was touched.
Guardians baffled and stated,
"Nobody was seen as such."
Amid-st the tribe of chaos,
A Noble's voice rouse. 
The book of prophecy was called upon.
Pages whereby,
unfurled the unheard galore. 
Universe of dreams and aspirations,
Unleashed the the story foretold.
Shall thou be,
Even by the touch of greats.
Thee can be not,
  By the greatest of all's,
  Purfled pure thoughts.
  Spoken it was all,
  by the greatest of conquest.
  A victory,
  Which lays all doubts to rest.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Monday, 9 February 2015

Enough - Enough for you!

Pull your tuxedo up.
Embrace the beauty simply.
And who wouldn't be there;
enough for you.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Just like a little kid,

Rebelling in innocence.
Our little blue bird,
Plays peek-a-boo
To be heard .
Yardstick of parenting is what comes handy .
But blue bird yearns hard for the red candy .
There's a blue bird,
Hovering inside me .
If he's clever then so m I,
I won't let this moment of action pass by .
Ignited by the hopes of a new dawn these rings of fire,
Won't see a box called withdrawn .
Bird will fly high,
So shall  his tamer.
This is the story of a blue bird
Taming his own master.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

How much lazy am I...

To even hold up the pen, 
Hiding in the arms of my solitary den.
Locking the door with the keys of isolation.
Thumping the pounding heart,
In pursuit of unknown solutions.
Fleeing the caravan of ecstasy 
Probing myself,
To come face to face. 
All that I've ever known is
Happiness knocking door of my quite solace.
Let me,
Oh! let me,
 search the wild keys.
For kept are they in the dungeons deep.
Let me,
Oh! let me, 
have a way to even peep.
Let me unravel the secrets you keep .
Yes, you!
The keeper of my fears and fright.
The poacher of my skin deep light.
Enough said,
Heard been enough.
Its a call to break free,
The handcuffs.
Prisoners shall unchain his prisoner within. 
Then be rinsed from the sinful sins.
then be the obscured keys of light.
   Doors, unlocked ...
Weights, undocked...
As the hand strikes the clock midnight.
I'll be weaving a whole thread of year welcomed,
with this new armor of being upright;
 held tight.