Tuesday, 2 February 2016

If you would ask me

The reason for why 
I would like to kiss my beloved on New Year's Eve,

Is that I myself don't know.
May be,
It's a culture.
May be,
That's just a gesture to ensure that
 You two are you ideally in love
With each other.
Whatever the case may be,
My reasons shall never entwine with them cases.
For the love we share hasn't been moulded with inspiration.
It's profound,
One of its own kind.
It's seamless,
Boundless and wonderful.
We ourselves aren't aware with its leaps and bounds.
How is it even possible to define a gesture That
Itself is inspired from love.
A midnight kiss,
On New Year's Eve;
Would hold a significance a lot deeper than Your favourite tattoo.
It's a way my better half shall know that
 The love which seams in my veins is the same eat that thumps in her heart.
A deep midnight kiss would be assurance that we two are as special as that shooting star which illuminates the sky in that very same way
we'll be enlightening our deeper selves.
Those selves which were stranded,
Unknown and then
Found by you.
A New Year's midnight kiss,
is going to be our forever.
Our promise,
Where and when
We shall embark our new journey,
With a tint of love on our lips;
And universe in our arms.
For what you mean to me is infinite
and boundless,
There's a profound place in that infinity that we share,
Which would then be defined by our love;
Our kiss.
My beloved,
To be With you in your arms.
Is the universe,
For which I adamantly conspire.

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