Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How Amazing This Life Is,

For a moment you want something.
The other moment you want to run hard;
Discard it.
As if it never was the thing that you ever wanted.
You ever wished for?
Like really?
Is that what we look ourselves up to?
Or is it just another of our everyday illusions.
Call it just illusion or the reality you weren't aware of.
Every time,
Every moment,
It teaches something.
Something that wasn't known before,
Something which you always wanted to know about yourself.
After all,
In this life,
What we seek ain't the approval of others.
Our approval for ourselves.
The only person who happens to be accountable for you,
Your actions;
Your decisions;
Your choices;
Won't be that guy across that narrow bridge.
The one who happens to be reading this piece of writing.
At this very moment.

Just hope that we grow up to realise that this world is as amazing as this piece of writing.